Weather shamus temperatures to consolidate in Europe as new heatwave hits


In discrepancy to the rather cool, unsettled and inopportunely windy rainfall in the UK, large corridor of southern Europe are in the grip of violent and dangerous heatwave conditions.

Temperatures reached the medial to high 30s celsius last week, in what was named by the Italian Meteorological Society as the Cerberus heatwave. A temperature of44.8 C(112.6 F) was observed in Almería, Spain, on Wednesday. By Saturday, temperatures were peaking at 41C in Greece, 44C in Turkey and 39C in southern Germany.

These extreme temperatures forced authorities to close the Acropolis in Athens during the hottest part of the day to cover excursionists. Away, a large timber fire on La Palma destroyed at least 4,500 hectares( 11,000 acres) of land and forced the evacuation of further than 4,000 people.

Temperatures are set to consolidate this week as heatwave Charon develops, and in some locales may approach European records. The heat has been erecting as a result of a large area of high pressure across central corridor of Mediterranean, and indeed hotter conditions will develop as a swell of high temperatures moves in from north Africa.

The hottest places will be across Spain, Italy, Greece and corridor of the Balkans. The Italian islets of Sicily and Sardinia may approach 48C on Tuesday and Wednesday, close to the each- time European record of48.8 C set in Sicily in August 2021. Record- breaking heat is also anticipated in Rome.

Meanwhile, at least 37 people failed after days of heavy rain led to severe flooding and landslides in central South Korea on Friday and Saturday. North Gyeongsang fiefdom was one of the worst- affected areas.

Heavy rain swept down buses and submerged roads and a landslide caused the derailment of a train in North Chungcheong. Flood water trapped people in a lair near the megacity of Cheongju, performing in the deaths of at least nine people.

Thousands of people have been forced to void and knockouts of thousands of homes and businesses have been left without electricity. farther heavy downfall is anticipated on Monday and Tuesday but conditions should ameliorate latterly in the week.