Viral Women Wearing Hijab Collect Drinking Beer and Smoking

Recently, a video circulated of women in hijab gathering to drink beer and smoke together. The video suddenly went viral on various social media.
The social media account Instagram re-shared the viral video, Wednesday (11/05/2022). Video footage shows a group of women in hijab drinking beer and smoking cigarettes together.

A woman wearing a hijab wearing a blue shirt is seen pouring beer from a bottle into a glass. He was also seen smoking and dancing while pouring beer into a glass.

Every now and then the veiled woman who wears a blue dress throws a smile at her friends. Meanwhile, there were five women in hijab sitting at the same table.

The five women who sat in the hijab plus the woman in the blue dress looked engrossed in chatting. At the end of the video they hold a glass of beer each in their hands.
This group of women wearing hijabs then toasted using glasses of beer in their hands. There is no mention in the video where the location where the hijab-wearing woman drank beer and smoked together.

Until this article was compiled, the viral video has received 73.8 thousand views. The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses.

There are netizens who think that it is better not to blame the hijab worn by women drinking beer and smoking together. However, it is more appropriate to blame the person concerned.

“Don’t blame the hijab,” commented one netizen.

“Don’t blame the hijab but the person,” continued another.

“Don’t blame the hijab, okay? Hijab is just ordinary clothes, if you want to move, really improve your morals first. Okay, so continue with your barbarians while the angel of death awaits your death,” said another.

There are also netizens who commented that women drink beer and smoke while wearing the hijab on purpose just for the sake of viral content.

“To go viral, you have to lose morale,” said a netizen.

“Losing morals for the sake of going viral,” said another.

“Only for content and lifestyle,” said another.

“Immoral content, for the sake of wanting to go viral and become an impromptu artist,” said another netizen who added a laughing emoji.