Viral Laron Fills KRL Carriages, Here’s KAI Commuter’s Explanation

Viral on social media of flying insects filled the train carriages of the electric train (KRL). The incident made the passengers in the carriage excited.

In the viral video, the insect is flying and is seen approaching the lights in the KRL carriage. A number of passengers in the carriage were seen trying to keep the insects from sticking to their bodies.

KAI Commuter’s External Relations Manager, Adli Hakim, confirmed the incident. He explained that the incident took place on KA 1618 on the Angke-Bogor relation, Friday (17/12/2021).

The larvae got into the train when KA 1618 stopped at Citayam Station. They enter during the opening and closing of the door to give users the opportunity to go up or down.

“The group of insects always moves closer to the lights at the station and inside the KRL,” said Adli in Jakarta, Saturday (12/18/2021).

The on-trip cleaning officer then cleaned the train on the KRL trip to Bogor Station. And the cleaning was resumed when the train stopped at Bogor Station.

“The series will then operate again as usual,” he said.