Village head in Tuban involved in togel online gambling

Police arrested J, the village head of Dermawuharjo, Grabagan Subdistrict, Tuban Regency, East Java. The man was allegedly involved in online gambling. Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit (Kasat Reskrim) of the Tuban Resort Police (Polres) AKP Tomy Prambana said the police arrested J at a shop in Dermawuharjo Village on Tuesday (18/9/2023). “When he was arrested, he was recapitulating togel numbers using his cellphone, to be inputted on the Hong Kong server online gambling site,” he said on Friday (29/9/2023).

He said, J was arrested for allegedly acting as a coordinator of unconventional toto gambling, aka online gambling. “We managed to secure evidence from the suspected perpetrator, namely cash of around Rp 243,000 and a cellphone,” he said. Currently, J has been named a suspect in an alleged gambling crime. He is detained at Tuban Police Headquarters to undergo further legal proceedings. Tomy explained, for the actions committed by J, the suspect was charged with Article 303 paragraph 1 to 2e sub Article 303 bis paragraph (1) to 2 of the Criminal Code (KUHP). He faces a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.