Traces of Premeditated Murder of Medical Students Universitas Brawijaya

The police have named a man named Ziath Ibrahim (38) as a suspect in the murder case of a student of the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Malang, Bagus Prasetya Blue. He was charged with premeditated murder.

Ziath, who is a resident of Klojen Subdistrict, Malang City, was snared by the police under Article 340 of the subsidiary Criminal Code 338 of the subsidiary Criminal Code 365 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code with the threat of death or imprisonment for life or for a certain time, a maximum of 20 years in prison.

The suspect was charged with Article 340 of the Criminal Code concerning Premeditated Murder, subsidiary 338 of the Criminal Code, subsidiary 365 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code. The maximum threat is 20 years in prison,” said Wadirreskrimum of the East Java Police AKBP Ronald Purba, at the East Java Police, Surabaya (18/4).

Chronology of UB Student Murder
This case began last Thursday (7/4), at that time Ziath contacted Bagus to ask for a meeting. Ziath said he wanted to give gifts to the Bagus family in Tulungagung. He knew that Bagus was planning to return to Tulungagung.

“The suspect left the house on a motorbike to YP (witness)’s house with the aim of leaving his motorbike,” he said.

Ziath and Bagus then boarded Bagus’s Kijang Innova. At first they were looking for a place to have coffee. However, because many were closed, Ziath invited Bagus to go to Bumi Mondoroko Raya Housing, Singosari District, Malang Regency.

While at the location, a fight broke out between Bagus and Ziath. This dispute was allegedly triggered by Ziath’s suspicions over the lewd chat between Bagus and Ziath’s stepson, TS, who was none other than Bagus’s lover.

“Shortly later, the suspect killed the victim by placing the suspect on top of the victim’s body and smothering his head with a plastic bag until the victim died,” he said.

After killing Bagus, Ziath then drove Bagus’s car to a Colombian shophouse and parked the car containing Bagus’s body. Ziath then went to the house of YP (the witness) by taking an online motorcycle taxi to leave the ignition of Bagus’s car. Then Ziath returned home riding his motorbike.

“The victim was dumped in Pasuruan. The goal was to obscure the criminal process itself. The victim had no identity at all when he was found,” he said.