TNI Personnel Help Rachel Vennya Escape Quarantine Disabled


The TNI member with the initials FS who is suspected of helping the Rachel Vennya program from the quarantine process at the Wisma Atlet Pademangan Hospital has been deactivated. FS was said to have been deactivated by the Jaya Regional Commander, Maj. Gen. Mulyo Aji, after a thanksgiving ceremony for the Limpung Alugoro Brigade Headquarters 1 in North Serpong, South Tangerang.

“It has been deactivated. It means, since yesterday after the event commander in Serpong. The person concerned has been deactivated to be returned to the unit,” said Kapendam Jaya Colonel Arh Herwin BS to reporters, Friday (15/10).

Herwin said that currently FS is still undergoing examination by intelligence staff. During the examination, FS’ motives will also be explored for helping Rachel to escape from quarantine. However, Herwin said that so far the member with the initials FS admitted that he had not received any compensation.

“However, it has been questioned from the start that the person concerned at least did not receive a reward,” said Herwin.

Herwin said that if found guilty, FS could be subject to criminal penalties. However, this is still waiting for the results of the investigation from the Military Police.

Rachel Vennya has become a topic of discussion following her alleged escape while undergoing a period of quarantine after traveling from the United States.

Based on the results of the investigation by Kodam Jaya as the Covid-19 Integrated Joint Task Force (Kogasgabpad), it is suspected that a TNI member on duty at Soekarno-Hatta (Soetta) Airport helped Rachel Vennya escape from the quarantine process after arriving from the United States.

“It was found that alleged non-procedural actions were found by members of the Soetta Airport Security (TNI) initials on behalf of FS, who had arranged for the Rachel Vennya program to avoid quarantine procedures that must be passed after traveling from abroad,” Herwin said in his statement, Wednesday. (13/10).

Meanwhile, Rachel Vennya apologized after reports of her escaping from quarantine after returning from abroad.

“I want to apologize to all of you for all my mistakes. Sometimes I hurt other people, harm others, selfish and arrogant,” Rachel wrote in her personal Instagram story upload.

“I apologize profusely and I hope all the bad things I’ve ever done in my life can be a lesson for me,” he continued, not mentioning the controversy over his escape from quarantine.