The chronology of the witness case the score settings was hit by an unknown person


Witness of the alleged score arrangement in the 3rd league in East Java, Zha Eka Wulandari became a victim of hit and run. The incident occurred on Thursday (25/11/2021) on Jalan Tirto Mulyo, Kladungan, DAU, Malang Regency. The woman who was the treasurer of the 3 Gresik Putra League team (Gestra) Paranaane Fa was hit by two unidentified motorcycles to fall and suffer injuries.

1 want to get ready for Surabaya

When met at his house in the area of ​​Jl Tirto Mulyo, Dau Subdistrict, Zha admitted that the incident occurred after himself and the husband bought an e-toll balance to Surabaya. Zha was called Poda Jatim for questioning related to the alleged case setting in the Gresik Putra (Gestra) match Parana FC counter Sumbersari FC and Persema some time ago. He was called in capacity as a witness to the alleged case.

“I am not a reporter, because the report is from the Komdis PSSI East Java. But indeed I was called to the Regional Police for questioning,” he explained on Friday (11/26/2021).

2 was struck from behind until it fell

Zha explained that he initially did not put suspicion on Thursday evening himself and the husband went to buy e-toll. Even when he returned home he also didn’t feel anything strange. Arriving at Jalan Tirto Mulyo, he and his husband who was riding a motorbike was suddenly pulled from the right side by a motorbike. The policeman had seen him and her husband laughed.

“After that my husband and I then had gone slowly. But suddenly from the left behind, another motorbike overtook and had grazed me and my husband had fallen to the right,” he added.

3 motorcycles immediately run away

Seeing Zha and her husband fell paved, the motorbike immediately ran away. Zha himself did not have time to confirm who and used what motorbike crashed into himself and the perpetrator. Because at the incident the motorbike that grazed it did not use the lights and immediately accelerated after grazing.

“The motorcycle drove once from the left side. Even though my position and my husband had been tight to the edge,” he continued.