The 2024 Presidential Election Doesn’t Need To Bring Up Many Paslons


Political academic Philipus Ngorang believes that there should not be too many pairs of candidates participating in the 2024 presidential election.

According to Ngorang, there are only two to three presidential candidates participating in the contest.

“Therefore, the 0 percent presidential threshold (PT) has no urgency to be sued and implemented in the near future,” he told, Friday (28/1).

Ngorang said that PT 0 percent would open up opportunities for anyone to run for president.

However, the number of presidential candidates who are too many will make people confused.

“People now have a preference for political figures who have public positions. This preference is reflected in the results of political surveys,” he said.

According to him, people’s preferences should be able to help political parties to nominate candidates who are already liked or get the public’s attention.

“Political parties should not nominate someone who is not known to the public or who does not excel,” he said.

Therefore, the survey results can reflect the voice of the community, especially since the research was carried out with a strict scientific methodology.

“It’s strange if someone who has never been in the survey suddenly runs for the presidential election. Who will really choose?” he said.