Student Arrest in Yogyakarta Arrested

The Yogyakarta Special Region Police (DIY) arrested the arsonist Dimas Toti Putra (21), a student from Mergangsan, Yogyakarta City.

The DIY Regional Police Chief Inspector General of Police Asep Suhendar said the arrests of the perpetrators were carried out on Sunday (24/4) yesterday. However, Asep has not detailed the number or identity of the arrested perpetrators.

“I haven’t got the data, just a brief report this morning that the culprit has been caught,” said Asep at the Kepatihan Complex, Yogyakarta City, Monday (25/4).

Asep did not deny that there was a long time span between the date of the incident and the arrest. This is because the perpetrators fled after burning Dimas.

“Yes, it takes time, it’s not that easy. His name is a human who does evil, he runs, so we need time to catch him,” he said.

“Every crime involving humans we must pay attention to. Moreover, this is an incident that rarely occurs, the modus operandi of which I have seen, has never happened before taking gasoline and continuing to burn it,” he concluded.

Previously, it was reported that Dimas Toti Putra (21), a student at a university in the city of Yogyakarta, had to receive intensive care at Dr Sardjito Hospital after his body was allegedly burned by a colleague. The family said the burn injuries to the victim reached 80 percent.

The Head of the Mergangsan Police, Kompol Rachmadiwanto, said that this incident occurred on the night of March 23, 2022. It started with a dispute triggered by the sale and purchase of exhaust between Dimas and his colleague who became the alleged perpetrator.

That night, the alleged perpetrator came to Dimas’s residence in Mergangsan, Yogyakarta City, accompanied by two other people who were allegedly also friends of the victim.

“The perpetrators are friends already because of the exhaust problem, buying and selling exhausts. The perpetrators offered an offer and then the price was agreed, it turns out that another friend was given a higher price (sold),” said Kapolsek when confirmed, Friday (22/4) .

Dimas’s colleague did not accept being treated like that. He immediately became furious when he found out that his coveted item had changed hands.

Dimas was then doused with gasoline by one of his three colleagues who came to the victim’s house at that time. This information was obtained based on statements from witnesses, namely another friend of Dimas who happened to be at the scene.

It’s just that the mode of how the perpetrators lit the fire is still a question mark. The police have not been able to extract information from Dimas optimally considering his condition which still requires intensive care.