Risma almost fainted, the doctor said she needed rest


Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini is said to have almost fainted while inspecting the location of a landslide in Deliserdang, North Sumatra, on Friday (19/11). Risma was examined by a doctor at the local health center.

The head of the Bandar Baru Health Center, Tomo, said that Risma only needed to rest for a while before continuing her activities.

“There is nothing serious. The Minister just needs to rest for a while,” said Tomo, in a written statement quoted on Saturday (20/11).

After undergoing an examination, Risma is known to return to her normal activities. He immediately visited the disaster site in Sibolangit District, Medan, North Sumatra.

In recent weeks, Risma is known to often go out of town to inspect disaster locations. After reviewing the flood disaster locations in West Kalimantan at the end of last October, Risma went to flood locations in Batu City and Malang Regency, East Java.

After that, Risma went to Papua to review the matching of social assistance and closed the National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) last weekend. After that, he went to Deliserdang, North Sumatra, to inspect the landslide.

Previously, Risma was said to have almost fainted while reviewing victims affected by landslides in Hamlet 3, Kinangkung House Village, Sibolangit, Deliserdang Regency, North Sumatra.

Risma, who almost fell when she got out of the car, was immediately grabbed by a number of people at the location.

Member of the House of Representatives Commission VIII Muhammad Husni who was at the location confirmed the incident. Husni, who participated in the visit, said that Risma was exhausted, plus the location of the landslide was quite steep.

“(Yes) it was a little weak,” said Husni.