Revealed, the color of Rachel Vennya’s car that uses the B 139 RFS plate does not match the data at the police


The Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya investigated the license plate of Rachel Vennya’s car, numbered B 139 RFS.

It is known that the car that uses the plate is a black Vellfire.

Even though the police license plates matched, apparently there were allegations of violations committed.

There is a discrepancy in vehicle data, namely the color of the car registered on the Motor Vehicle Number (TNKB).

“So from our data base, the B 139 RFS plate really belongs to Rachel Vennya. However, there is a mismatch in the color of the car,” said Director of Traffic of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Sambodo Purnomo Yogo to reporters at the Polda Metro Jaya, Friday (10/22/2021). ).

Sambodo confirmed that the plate was not a special police number for an official.

However, the number plate was not registered on Rachel Vennya’s black Vellfire car when she picked it up after being examined for alleged quarantine violations last night.

“So it’s not a special number, it’s an ordinary number because it’s three digits. The special one uses 4 digits. Now, but in our data, the car should be white,” he said.

“Meanwhile, based on the facts and the catch of my friends, the car used was black. So it should be white according to the TNKB,” he explained.

For that, he will further check the findings of the ‘RFS’ plate on the number plate.

Ditlantas will ask for clarification from Rachel Vennya whether the car has changed color or has not been registered with the TNKB.

“So that later, after the parallel with the investigations carried out related to the quarantine escape case, we will call for clarification whether to summon him or we send traffic investigators to come to his house to see the vehicle,” he said.

Sambodo added that investigators will find out the origin of the use of Rachel Vennya’s car number plate.

Is the specification of the vehicle numbered B 139 RFS a fake plate?

“If it is proven that he violated, he will be subject to Article 280 of the Traffic Law in conjunction with Article 68, which means not using a valid TNKB. Or it could be a violation of Article 5 288, unable to show the STNK, meaning the car has been painted but has not been changed on the STNK. So we will clarify that. We will match our data with machine numbers and so on,” he said.

As is known, when Rachel arrived at Polda Metro Jaya yesterday, Rachel used a Toyota Vellfire car with plate number B 777 RVN.
However, when he left the Polda Metro Jaya he was picked up by a black Toyota Vellfire car numbered B 139 RFS.