Questioning the DKI DPRD’s New Clothes Budget, which is worth Rp. 1.7 billion


The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government held a tender for the procurement of official clothes and attributes of the DKI DPRD worth Rp1.7 billion. Contract implementation starts in May, using the 2022 DKI APBD.

Information on the procurement of official clothing for members of the DKI DPRD can be accessed by the public through the website.

Regarding this procurement, the Advocacy Division of the National Secretariat of the Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (Seknas Fitra), Gulfino Guevarrato said, the latent disease of bureaucracy in the use of the budget is lack of empathy.

“When it comes to buying a suit, it has to be financed by the state. As far as we know, the DPRD’s salary is even greater than the DPR’s salary,” said Fino to, Wednesday (30/3).

It is not about the procurement nominal that is the focus of Fitra, according to Fino, the function of the procurement of official clothes and their attribution, cannot be used as a benchmark for the current and future performance of the DPRD.

He has a cynical view if there is a statement by DPRD members that the procurement is an agreement between the executive and the legislature, or without the DPRD’s knowledge. This excuse, according to Fino, reinforces that legislators are not careful in preparing budget items. Precisely, the inaccuracy in entering activities that have a broad impact on the public interest.

“The official uniform or gold badge is only felt by individuals, only more than 100 people, when compared to the size of their performance, this is a form of greed,” he said.

Floating Attitude

The response of DPRD members to the procurement of official clothes and attributes was silent. Not many of them have an opinion on this.

Gembong Warsono, chairman of the PDIP faction at the DKI Jakarta DPRD, is of the opinion that the procurement of official clothes is not a priority. However, he admitted that he did not know about this procurement during the preparation of the 2022 APBD.

“It’s not that I disagree. It’s just a matter of priorities, because we, the members, don’t look at it in detail, for example, the clothes are Rp. 1.7 for what we don’t know,” said Gembong.

He was reluctant to explain further regarding the technical procurement. The rest, he handed over to the Secretariat of the Council as the party procuring official clothes and attributes.

“We just accept, we don’t know this. Setwan’s job is this,” he said.

A number of factions in the DPRD who were asked for their opinion on the procurement did not respond to’s message.

Procurement of official clothes can be canceled

Gembong said that the procurement of goods or services as stated in the APBD is definitive. However, the cancellation of these activities can be done by refocusing the APBD.

“If it has been made into a Regional Regulation, the APBD has been fixed, except for refocusing, there are still discussions, for example it is deemed irrational, it could be changed with the approval of 2 parties, the executive and the legislature,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Jakarta Regional Financial Management Agency (BPKD), Edi Sumantri, confirmed that if the tender process for the procurement of official clothes and attributes opened in May, there would currently be no payment for it.

“I don’t know the exact figure (the budget for the DKI DPRD’s official clothes), because my function is only to pay if it is already in the APBD, if the procurement is for example in May, it means that it has not been paid yet,” said Edi.