Project Worker Falls From Jabodebek LRT Pole in Kuningan

A construction worker, Indra, 21 years old, fell from a pole for the Jabodebek LRT project in Kuningan, South Jakarta this morning. The victim fell from a height of eight meters and sustained injuries.

“The victim is still alive, but unconscious,” said Setiabudi Police Chief Commissioner Beddy Suwendi when contacted, Thursday, October 21, 2021. Currently, Indra is being treated at MMC Kuningan Hospital, South Jakarta.

The man is known to have fallen from the LRT project in front of the Plaza Festival, Kuningan. However, the cause of the fall of the construction worker is not yet known.

Beddy said that his party was still trying to find eyewitnesses and examine Indra’s friends. “Several witnesses who have been examined include the foreman, the head of the project, and the victim’s closest friends at the location,” said Beddy.

The victim is currently in critical condition. Police are still checking the project site.