Police: Vanessa Angel’s driver has the potential to be a suspect


The artist’s driver, Vanessa Angel, is called the police as a potential suspect in the accident that killed Vanessa and her husband, Febri Andriansyah.

“Yes (the driver may be a suspect),” said East Java Police Traffic Director, Police Commissioner M Latif Usman to reporters, Thursday, November 4, 2021.

This is confirmed by the driver’s confession to the police. He admitted that he was tired and finally fell asleep. As a result of this, he then swerved to the left and hit the left side of the toll road barrier, resulting in an unavoidable accident.

Even so, Latif admitted that his party could not arbitrarily determine Vanessa’s driver as a suspect. He said, the determination of the suspect status on the driver will only be carried out after the results of the examination have been completed. He did not want to precede the results of the examination.

“Look at the results of the TKP (Case Crime Scene) first,” he said again.

Previously, it was reported that the car that the artist Vanessa Angel and her husband were traveling in was reported to have had an accident at KM 672 of the Jombang-Mojokerto Toll Road on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

Based on temporary data obtained by journalists, the car that Vanessa Angel was traveling in was white and in a wrecked condition. Based on the identity cards or ID cards found at the location, the victims were named Vanesza Adzania and Febri Andriansyah. The celebrity couple’s child was also reportedly in the car.