Police allegedly involved in student robbery in Lampung

A police officer with the initials IS with the rank of police brigadier (Bripka) allegedly involved in the robbery of students belonging to students in the Bandar Lampung area on Saturday (9/10).

Kapolresta Bandar Lampung, Commissioner Pol Ino Harianto confirmed when he was confirmed there were members of the police who were secured as suspected of being affected.

“Yes, we are still in the extent to which their involvement,” said Ino when confirmed by CNNIndonesia.com, Tuesday (19/10).

He said he could not further specify about the involvement of police officers because his party is currently carrying out deepening and pursuit of other actors involved.

Ino explained, the middle police focused on gathering evidence related to the incident. So, until now the case has not been exposed to the public.

“Of course there are other perpetrators, now he is. Technically, we don’t need recognition, we need evidence and witnesses,” he explained.

“So we haven’t exposed it first, because other actors are still chased,” Ino said.

A number of police actions in the last few times were highlighted by the public because they reaped controversy.

Some cases of violence until police behavior are considered not contrary to the professional code of ethics and the Bhayangkara Corps discipline. In Tangerang Regency, for example, a police officer, Brigadier NP slammed a smackdown against students who held a demonstration in front of the Tangerang Regent’s Office.

The families who were known were students of UIN SMH Banten, Fariz even had time to experience seizures.

Then, in Deliserdang, North Sumatra, a policeman who beat a man touched on the streets. The man could not fight and immediately sprawled on the road.

Not only violence, the legal process is also highlighted. For example, the alleged abuse case carried out by a civilian apparatus of the State (ASN) of his three children in East Luwu, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi). This case was stopped, until finally the investigation process was opened again.

In addition, investigating cases of alleged persecution of a merchant at Gambir Market, Percut Sei Tuan, Medan named Liti Wari Iman Gea was also highlighted. The tail, a number of officials at the Percut Sei Sector Police were removed.

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo then reacted. He published a telegram letter aimed at all the Regional Police Chiefs in Indonesia so that his staff to ensure the handling of cases of excessive violence against the community was carried out procedurally, transparent and just just.