PA 212 Gang Asked to Plug Ears Well! Friday Prayers at Monas Are Invalid, the Ulama Talk!

The Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212 received a harsh satire from a Twitter user netizen with the account name @HASapardan. This netizen confirmed that the Friday prayer performed by the PA 212 group in the Monas area, Gambir, Central Jakarta is considered invalid.

The PA 212 group has held several Fridays at Monas, when this group held demonstrations.

Not only at Monas, this group also often prays in the streets during demonstrations.

This was most recently demonstrated when holding a demonstration as a form of protest against the statement by the Minister of Religion (Menag) Yaqut Cholil Qoumas who compared the call to prayer to the barking of dogs.

“Convey to the new 212 Monashlimin sect that according to Muhammadiyah: Friday prayers at Monas are invalid. KH Marzuki Mustamar,” said @HASapardan quoted by Monday (7/2/2022).

Along with his tweet, this netizen also shared a video of the cleric KH Marzuki Mustamar.

In the short video, Marzuki seems to be discussing the requirements for Friday prayers according to the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah.

He then seemed to open a book whose title is not clearly known. The point is that the Friday prayer procedure according to Muhammadiyah is listed on page 57 of the book.

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“According to Muhammadiyah, the massive Friday event at Monas is not legal. Permanent Friday prayers must be in the mosque. It means, (Friday) at Monas is not legal,” he said.