Not Binomo, Doni Salfan was reportedly related to the case of investment fraudulent in Bodong Quotex


The Head of the Public Information Division of the National Police Headquarters Public Relations Division, Commissioner Pol Gatot Repli Handoko called the Doni Salfan influencer reported on the case of Bodong investment fraud under the guise of Binary Trading Option with the Quotex platform. He delivered this to straighten out previous information that was related to the Binomo platform.

“Regarding Doni Salfan instead of using the Binomo platform, but it uses the Quotex platfotm,” Gatot told reporters on Friday (4/3/2022).

Investigators of the Directorate of Civilized Crime Action and Dittipidibier Bareskrim Polri have raised this case status from the investigation stage to investigation. The case status was raised after investigators found the existence of criminal elements.

Gatot said, this was based on the results of the case of the case conducted by investigators today.

“The case of Pad Ahari’s case has been held on Friday, March 4, 2022, has been decided on the DS case raised his status from the investigation into the investigation,” explained Gatot.

In this case, continued Gatot, investigators had examined 10 witnesses. Three of them are expert witnesses.

“Seven witnesses and three expert witnesses,” he explained.

Called next week

Investigators Dittipidsibber Bareskrim Polri plans to immediately examine Doni Salfan. The inspection is scheduled to take place next week.

“The info is checked next week,” said Head of the Public Relations Division (Kadiv) of the National Police Headquarters Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo when confirmed, Friday (4/3).

In the case of Bodong investment fraud under the guise of Trading Binary Option Investigators have first established influencers in Medan, Indra Kenz, as a suspect. However, Indra was named a suspect regarding the Binary Option Binary Option platform.

In contrast to Doni Salfan, the case of Indra Kenz was handled by the Directorate of Special Economic Crimes or Dittipideksus Bareskrim Polri.

He was charged with Article 45 paragraph 2 juncto Article 27 Wyat 2 and / or Article 45 paragraph 1 juncto Article 28 paragraph 1 of the Information and Electronic Transaction Act (ITE).

In addition, the plant also ensnared him with Article 3 and / or Article 5 and / Article 10 of Law Number 8 of 2010 concerning Prevention and Eradication of Money Laundering (TPPU) Juncto Article 378 Juncto Article 55 of the Criminal Code with a maximum threat of 20 years in prison.