Komnas HAM: KPI Violates Human Rights Related to Employee Bullying Case

Komnas HAM commissioner, Beka Ulung Hapsara, stated that the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) had violated Human Rights (HAM) in cases of bullying and sexual harassment that befell the victim with the initials MS.

Beka said that the human rights violations committed by KPI in the MS case were the failure of KPI to create a safe and comfortable work environment for its employees. This condition also triggered the incidents of bullying and harassment experienced by MS previously.

“From this conclusion, there are also several aspects of human rights violations in the case of bullying and harassment of brother MS. The first is the form of human rights violations related to the right to a sense of security, freedom from threats of violence, and improper treatment,” said Beka through a press conference held regularly. online, Monday (29/11).

Not only that, KPI, according to Beka, also failed to maintain the dignity of the employees working in the institution. The conclusion was obtained from bullying such as nudity to testicles that MS had to experience due to the treatment of his co-workers at KPI.

“So when we talk about human rights, this is talking about human dignity. There were incidents of sexual harassment that happened to MS, especially the act of nudity, removing the testicles is a form of action that degrades human dignity,” said Beka.

As a result of this treatment, according to Beka, MS victims have experienced deep trauma until now, and it has also affected their health and their relationship with their families.

“As a result of this incident, MS experienced trauma, stress, felt low self-esteem, and this had an impact on the victim’s physical health and the victim’s household relationship. In addition, MS also experienced various bullying from his colleagues both physically and verbally,” said Beka.

Based on this evidence, he said, KPI should be considered to have violated a number of rules and articles that regulate a person’s human rights. Including the neglect of KPI in providing a safe and comfortable work environment for its employees.

“In connection with this, the events experienced by MS show that there are human rights violations, especially free from the threat of violence and inappropriate treatment. This has been regulated in the 1945 law, article 28 G, article 7, the international component of civil and political rights and article 33 of law number 39 1999 concerning Human Rights,” Beka explained.

“There is also a violation of the fulfillment of the right to a sense of security, in particular the right to privacy and protection from the threat of fear as guaranteed in the 1945 law, article 28 G paragraph 1 of Law Number 39 of 1999, article 30 and articles 9 and 17 of the international human rights law. civil politics. The right to work and have a fair and safe workplace,” he concluded.