Kim Jong Un ready to war

Kim Jong Un warned late Wednesday that his country was “fully prepared” to engage in any military conflict with the United States (US). This was Kim Jong Un’s statement reported by North Korean state media, KCNA on Thursday (28/7/2022). The warning is North Korea’s latest threat amid speculation it may soon carry out its seventh nuclear test.

Kim also warned that the South Korean government would be annihilated if it made “dangerous efforts”, according to the state-run Korean Central News Agency. South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol has reportedly spoken repeatedly about the possibility of a preemptive strike, including an attack on a senior North Korean leader, if South Korea learns of signs of an imminent attack.

“If the South Korean regime and its military gangsters are thinking of fighting us militarily and they think they can destroy part of our military power first, based on certain military means or methods, they are wrong,” Kim said. In his speeches, Kim was said to have repeatedly boasted about his country’s nuclear weapons. In addition, Kim has shown that he is ready to use nuclear weapons if necessary.

North Korea, he said, was “fully prepared” for any military confrontation with America. North Korea has tested an unprecedented number of missiles this year. According to US and South Korean officials, Pyongyang also appears to have completed preparations for another nuclear test.