Google News on smartphones eventually picks up Material You makeover


While Google has increased its sweats to roll out the Material You aesthetic to a number of its veritably own apps including Gmail, Charts, and prints, a number of others like the Google News app on smartphones have yet to admit the treatment. But after all this time, the company is now eventually making due for News druggies as they get a new look that is been in the workshop for about a time, perhaps indeed more.

Google first rolled out Material Design 3 factors to its news aggregator app on tablets before this time with a many UI tweaks optimized for large defenses. The most notable change was a perpendicular navigation rail on the left- hand side, encompassing buttons for Captions, Newsstand, Following, and For You in one place.

The rearmost tweak brings Material You design to News on smartphones. This means you should now see lozenge- shaped pointers on the nethermost navigation bar indicating the current tab you are viewing, assuming the update is live for you.

Still, a many crucial features are missing, including dynamic theming. This means that the interface doesn’t change colors in line with the color of your home screen wallpaper. As shown in the screenshot participated by 9to5Google, the app’s interface defaults to a blue accentuation.

We first saw hints of Google News picking up the Material You treatment in May of last time, though it has not been made available in the months that followed until now.

Google has not blazoned a timeline for when the Material You redesign will be completely rolled out to all of its apps, but if its contrivers are repeating as snappily as they’ve in former times, we may move on from Material 3 before every Google- possessed face has had the chance to flip over.