Ganjar angry, the school wall broke out when kicked


Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo checks a new school building built in Tawangmangu District, Karanganyar Regency. In the taste this time, Ganjar found schools built carefully.

Ganjar sees strangeness in some parts such as rusty iron limiting, imperfect welding, cracked floors and walls, and non-neat sticky bricks. Ganjar also had time to kick slowly the wall turned out to be made from the hardboard and immediately broke it.

“What’s wrong? Don’t mess up, now your boss’s phone calls, I want to say, “said Ganjar to the foreman at the location, as quoted on Monday (1/31).

The foreman then called Heri, which was referred to as the leader of the development project. Ganjar then immediately talked to the person through a telephone connection in a high tone.

“Still remember I used to talk, keep in integrity and quality, not corruption, now your work is like this. I want to take it to the prosecutor’s office? ” said Ganjar.

Ganjar asked the contractor to immediately improve the quality of the building. He stressed that he would not receive work results if the contractor did not fix the problem.

According to Ganjar, the school will be the first public high school in Tawangmangu who has been anticipated for a long time. Ganjar also claimed he did not want to disappoint the local community because of the quality of poor buildings.

“The period has been completed in a mess, the trunk of her chaotic, on it is not neat. I called the contractor, I said it was repaired or I refused. Tomorrow I send a technical team with the architect here, I want all check before being handed over, “Ganjar said.

“I don’t want anyone who is playing for school,” he said.