Eye Witness: Vanessa Angel’s body was thrown 15 meters, the car was seen flying during the accident

Eyewitnesses around the location of the car accident Vanessa Angel and her husband said the white Pajero car seemed to fly after hitting the toll barrier.

Reporting from Pojoksatu (Manado Post network), eyewitnesses at the location also said that Vanessa Angel’s body was thrown out of the car with a distance of about 15 meters and fell to the asphalt.

Ansori (54), a resident of Gondangmanis Village, Bandar Kedungmulyo District, Jombang, said that Vanessa Angel’s white Pajero Sport B 1264 BJU car seemed to float or fly after a collision with the toll barrier.

Ansori said that at the time of the accident, he was drinking young coconut ice at a shop near KM 672+400A Astra Jombang-Mojokerto Toll Road.

“At around 12.30 WIB I happened to drink ice with (young coconut ice) facing the toll road,” Ansori explained to reporters at the Jombang PWI office, Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim, Sunday (11/7/2021).

“There was a loud crash, I saw a white car fly by,” he said again.

Together with several other residents, this rice trader rushed to the toll road.

According to Ansori, at that time not many residents from outside the toll road dared to give help.

“Many know, but not many dare to help. Others are on the edge (of the expressway) taking videos. I’m used to helping accident victims, my house used to be on the side of the road,” he explained.

Arriving at the location, Ansori approached Vanessa Angel’s car.

He saw Vanessa’s husband, Bibi Andriansyah (31) dead in the front seat on the left.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was lying face down on the toll road a long distance from the car.

Meanwhile, another eye witness, Ahmad Regy (25) said he heard a loud crash between a car and the toll road barrier.

Ahmad Regy, who is a coffee seller or coffee shop owner, immediately went to the location after hearing the collision.

Estimates, this eye witness arrived there about 1 minute after the single accident.

This eye witness arrived KM 672+400A about 1 minute after the accident that killed Vanessa Angel (27) and her husband, Bibi Andriansyah (31).

Regy came to Vanessa’s accident site at around 12.23 WIB. He entered KM 672+400 Astra Toll Jomo 1 minute after hearing a loud crash.

At the time of the incident, this eyewitness was guarding a coffee shop about 30 meters from the toll road. Namely in Pucangsimo Village, Bandar Kedungmulyo District, Jombang.

“The first time I saw the car crushed to the left and facing it was the opposite direction,” Regy told reporters, Sunday (11/07/2021).

The white car driven by Tubagus Joddy (24) was traveling from Nganjuk to Surabaya, or from west to east.

The car then hit the concrete fence on the left side of the toll road at high speed, precisely at KM 672+400A.

Due to the severity of the impact, the car then turned in the opposite direction or rotated 360 degrees.