Binomo Owners Allegedly in the Caribbean, Receive Hundreds of Billion Profits in a Year

The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) is still tracking the flow of funds related to illegal investments, aka Binary Options or Binomo scams.

Based on a search conducted by PPATK, the flow of funds from these illegal investments was recorded to have flowed into accounts in a number of foreign countries.

Head of PPATK Ivan Yustivandana said that his party was cooperating with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) abroad in the investigation.

From the results of this collaboration, PPATK found a significant flow of foreign funds.

It was noted that there were significant outflows of funds to bank accounts located in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Switzerland.

“The recipient of the funds is suspected to be the owner of the Binomo platform located in the Caribbean Islands,” Ivan said in a written statement, Friday (18/3).

Still based on the search, the owner of Binomo is suspected of making hundreds of billions in profits in a year.

The money received by the Binomo owner was no joke, reaching hundreds of billions of rupiah in the period from September 2020 to December 2021.

“The total funds for the period September 2020-December 2021 are 7.9 million Euros [or Rp 124 billion],” he added.

However, PPATK also found that the funds were then transferred back.

The ultimate recipient of the funds is the entity that manages a number of online gambling sites and is affiliated with gambling sites in Russia.

The PPAT search also found an attempt to disguise the flow of money through the purchase of luxury goods.

Ivan said there was a flow of money related to Binomo to owners of luxury goods stores, such as watches to cars. The value is up to tens of billions.

“Based on the transaction analysis conducted by PPATK, it was also found that the flow of funds to watch shop owners amounted to Rp 19.4 billion, car showroom owners/developers amounted to Rp 13.2 billion,” said Ivan.

PPATK also found indications of money laundering, namely by disguising transactions.

“From the results of the PPATK analysis, we also found an attempt to disguise/or obscure the recipient of the funds who are known to be underage [toddlers],” said Ivan.

Until now the police are still trying to find out who the owner of Binomo is.

Currently, the Criminal Investigation Department has named Indra Kenz as a Binomo affiliate as a suspect.

Although, he later denied the issue of Binomo’s affiliate status. Indra was charged with being charged with the ITE Law related to online gambling, fraud, and money laundering.

A number of his assets are now confiscated by investigators. Indra Kenz has now been detained and is currently undergoing legal proceedings.

It was later suspected that there was an attempt to eliminate evidence related to the Indra Kenz case. Allegedly, there were cellphones and computers that were deliberately removed.

Not only that, it is suspected that Indra Kenz also has a team that is trying to move assets so as not to be caught by law enforcement. Police are investigating these allegations.

PPATK is still investigating the flow of funds related to this illegal investment.

A number of accounts related to this have been blocked.

Recently, PPATK added 29 accounts to the freeze list.

The value of money in it reaches Rp. 7.2 billion. With this addition, 150 accounts with a total nominal value of Rp 361.2 billion have been temporarily frozen.

Ivan Yustivandana emphasized that PPATK continues to work to trace the flow of money categorized as suspicious transactions to overseas.

According to him, as a central institution (focal point) in the prevention and eradication of money laundering (TPPU) in Indonesia, PPATK continues to coordinate with Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) from other countries.

On the other hand, the police also continued to confiscate a number of assets belonging to Indra Kenz.