Ade Armando was beaten, PDIP politician Gilbert Simanjuntak urges BEM SI to apologize

PDIP politician who is also a member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD from Commission B, Gilbert Simanjuntak, said that the beating of Ade Armando during a demonstration in front of the DPR Building on April 11, 2022, had tarnished the student movement.

“This act is shameful and brutal, and exceeds the limits of fairness and decency,” Gilbert said as quoted by Antara, Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

Therefore, according to politicians from the PDI-P, they demanded that the SI BEM or BEM of All Indonesia, which was the leader of the demonstration at that time, offer an open apology.

“The All-Indonesian Student Executive Board (BEM SI) should apologize publicly,” said Gilbert.
Furthermore, Gilbert said that the attitude of BEM UI, which did not participate in the BEM SI demonstration, deserves a thumbs up. “Because it was proven that the demonstrators had committed a criminal act of molesting UI lecturers,” he said.
He added that due to the incident that happened to Ade Armando, who is a UI lecturer, BEM UI should issue a stance on the matter.
“BEM UI should be a good example and control over this brutal act,” he said.

Ade Armando became a victim of the beating of a number of people after BEM SI held a demonstration in front of the DPR Building. He was rescued by the police and immediately received treatment at the hospital.

The Metro Police have named six suspects for the beatings. A total of three perpetrators have been arrested. The three other perpetrators are still being chased by the police.

Zulpan confirmed that the identity of the perpetrator of the beating, Ade Armando, had been pocketed by the police. He made sure it was only a matter of time to catch them.

“Later we will update again, yes, as soon as we make an effort to arrest them because the Polda Metro Jaya already knows their identity and whereabouts,” said Zulpan.

Zulpan appealed to the four suspects who beat Ade Armando, who is still at large, to immediately surrender and act cooperatively. “We urge them to cooperate because sooner or later we can find them,” said Zulpan.